Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tackling the Backsplash

backsplash tiling begins
Although we have a wonderful tile setter, he is often very busy and didn't return our phone calls when we asked him about tiling our backsplash. Our guess is that ours was too small a job for him to make multiple return trips (he lives over an hour away).  And so, we are tackling the job ourselves. As I write I can hear the whine of the water tile saw outside.  It's a remarkably efficient tool for cutting and shaping the tiles. We are using the same subway tile we used in our bathroom.  We purchased it originally from Country Floors before they closed their Toronto showroom during the recession and we had to do some sleuthing to find enough extra tiles for this job.

Yes,  Will and Kate are lending a hand.  So much for the Globe and Mail keepsake wedding insert
We'll soon be in a quandary over grout colours.  We have matching grout in the bathroom, but I think we might prefer to emphasize the subway pattern in the kitchen. I remember being vaguely disappointed when our bathroom walls lost their definition to the matching coloured grout.

the ungrouted corner showing clear shadow lines
A shot from across the room showing the window trim

What do you think?  Should we use a contrasting or matching grout colour?

oh, the glamour of diy
I've included two photos of our master bathroom tile, in progress, and grouted with a matching grout, to illustrate how much the subway pattern is minimized when the grout coordinates with the tile.  I'm not sorry we blended things in the bathroom because there is so much tile in that room, but maybe the relatively small tiled area in the kitchen could handle more contrast.  We debate.
the master bath tile during installation with subway pattern quite apparent

the same wall after grouting