Monday, March 31, 2008

Dans sa Niche

Earlier in the week, the stars did align and our tile setter and our plumber repaired and replaced the cracked and misplaced tiles. Unfortunately, drying grout meant that nothing further could happen, so there is not much else to show except...

Ta-da! Actually, it's a Toto, a Toto Nexus

One bathroom fixture is in its permanent place! The new toilet is in its niche and fully operational, although modesty prevents us from using it because our windows are bare. Maybe one moonless night one of us will sneak in and try it under cover of darkness. Its flush, which we have tried, is quiet as promised. It looks much better here than in the future tv room where it's been sitting like a piece of dadaist sculpture for ages.

Upstairs, I’ve been using the studio for priming and painting our windows. It’s not art, but it is still painting, just with less scope for creativity and much lower allowance for going outside the lines.


hex said...

Congratulations! Such progress!

S & N said...

Thanks Hex,
Progress is slow but I'll take anything over total inaction. We have to keep our attention on what's getting done, not what's left to do.