Friday, April 4, 2008

Yes I love technology, but not as much as N (does) you see

I admit, I love my digital cameras, my iPod, my computer, the Internet, light timers…in other words, all the technology that makes my life easier or more enjoyable. But this? This may be too much for me.

Exhibit A

Our control room is something N has been scheming about with the plumber. I have heard strange murmurings and hushed telephone calls to product managers not used to dealing with residential applications of their commercial systems, but I guess I never really believed it would happen. Lately, every time the plumber comes over, things get a little more Byzantine in the basement. Soon, I’m going to find myself living in a house that I have no idea how to control—in fact, not soon, but now. Already, I have no idea how to run my own home. These blue boxes require inputs, from a human.

I don't speak Tekmar, do you?

Today, after our plumber left, I went downstairs to see find this interesting informational display he’d left of all of the manuals I’m going to need just to know how to control the temperature in my house.

The learning station

I was really hoping to have some pictures to document the bathroom renovation taking shape, but while I’ve been up in my top floor studio, my house has been infiltrated from below. We’ve become strangers. I don’t know what N has up his sleeve, maybe this is the new command central for controlling the entire neighbourhood, or possibly the world. I’ll keep you posted.



Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, you know, i don't like having things in my house that i have to read instruction manuals on. i prefer they be the sort of things you can just look at and figure out, lol. If those darn cable remote controls get anymore complicated i may stop watching TV>

S & N said...

My sentiments exactly.