Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Spicy Mexican chocolate cookies and tin of Kusmi tea

In our house, these are the Valentine's day cookies. I'm not quite sure how we came to associate spicy Mexican chocolate cookies with this day--maybe the cayenne and cinnamon somehow remind us of those little red heart candies. I think I first made them about 10 years ago. At some point I must've decided to form the log of cookie dough into a heart shape and since then we've tried to make them every Valentine's Day.

This afternoon, I plan to eat a whole plate of these with a pot of Kusmi Christmas tea, scented with vanilla, almond, and orange (a gift from J). Still later, if there are any left, I think I'll spread them with strawberry ice cream and stick them in the freezer. We've learned that a day or two in the freezer will make the cookies soften and become perfectly textured ice cream sandwiches. The deep brown chocolate and pink ice cream should make a gorgeous and delicious combination.

The recipe is by Alice Medrich, chef, cookbook author, and recognized genius with chocolate. We've always made the cookies with butter, not the butter margarine combination the recipe recommends, and they've always been delicious. Here is a link to the recipe: Mexican Chocolate Cookies


hex said...

hmm, I daren't attempt these in Krakow. I am happy to hear I am not the only one who overindulges in cookies on Valentine's day.

S & N said...

Yes, attempting these in Krakow could be dangerous since vanilla is on the ingredient list and I'm skeptical about wanillowy aromat as a substitute.