Monday, February 11, 2008

More Exciting Bathroom News

Since our last renovation entry, the bathroom tile saga has ended in success and two parking tickets. All of our bathroom tile, including the hard-to-find glass inset tile, is here awaiting installation.

Tile from L to R: hex, glass, square, 6 x 6, ogee, subway, bead, chair rail

Our tile installer has put another full inch of concrete over the Ditra, plus a painted-on waterproofing coating (just in case). He's also installed a shower curb at the shower door and finished up the shower bench, which has a loop of radiant heat tubing running through the seat, so we'll never have to sit on cold marble in the shower (what luxury).

Shower seat frame with loop of hydronic tubing (for radiant heat)

The tiling was to begin today, but the highways were closed because of blowing snow. Tonight the forecast calls for even more snow, but we hope our tiler will make it. Tomorrow the tiling begins in earnest

This afternoon we met with a furniture designer and builder about the bathroom vanity he's going to build for us. We designed it ourselves to fit the space and accommodate our undermount sink. Here's our working sketch:

Goings on in other rooms
Yesterday N ripped up the floor in what we call the eating room, which used to be a tiny bedroom off the kitchen, and before that a back porch, but is now part of the kitchen. His ambitious plan was to rip out the hardwood, subfloor, and old pink insulation, and replace it with superior insulation and a new subfloor (all in one day). Needless to say, we didn't quite make it. What we did manage besides exhaustion, was a room with no floor, just an expanse of fluffy pink insulation, and a pick-up truck full of debris in the driveway. In the process of the floor demolition, N inadvertently blocked off our pantry, which is now inaccessible between a cast iron radiator on one side and the floorless eating room on the other, which means we are cut off from the bulk of our food supplies, which means takeout for dinner, maybe for the rest of the week. This could prove hazardous to our health.

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