Thursday, May 22, 2008

Offsite Excitement--Bathroom Vanity

A while ago we commissioned furniture maker Erik van Miltenburg to build a bathroom vanity for us. We first contacted him almost two years ago with high hopes of requiring his services in the next couple of months. About a year-and-a-half later, finally ready, we contacted him again. We've discovered, more than once, that a highly skilled local craftsperson can often build a custom piece of furniture for a lower price than a similar piece from a recognized manufacturer (barring IKEA, of course).

After searching unsuccessfully for a bathroom vanity, I designed one specifically for our space. N converted my pencil sketch to a accurate 3-D drawing in SketchUp (complete with texture mapping).

Here is my original working sketch (left) and N’s SketchUp version

Our bathroom vanity will be veneered in quarter-sawn white oak—a pale, grayish, highly figured wood, topped with a piece of marble and an undermounted enameled cast-iron sink.

Quarter-sawn white oak veneer

We were having some discussion about the curve I specified (as homage to French Regence style) for the bottom of the otherwise sleek-lined and spare cabinet. Yesterday, our furniture maker sent me this snapshot of the curve template, and actual curve (under all the clamps) in his shop.

The bottom curve of the bathroom vanity (template and actual)

I think it looks perfect. We are having difficulty reining in our excitement. I can’t wait to see the finished thing. Although this bathroom renovation project is about 90% complete, the remaining details are taking forever to resolve.

A request: If anyone in the GTA has had good luck with a supplier/installer of frameless glass shower doors, we’d love hear about them.


Jenni said...

I gotta try sketch-up.
Pretty Vanity.

S & N said...

Thanks Jenni,
SketchUp is addictive--we hardly do anything anymore without drawing it it first.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Love it - love the added style the curve adds, love the open space for the towels. Its going to be gorgeous.

I think the rule about getting craftsmen to make something custom for a reasonable price doesn't apply in NY. The estimates we got just to make a simple leaf for my table are astronomical no less what I was quoted for a custom vanity. Cant some of these great workmen move here? :)

S & N said...

Thanks Mrs. Limestone--I appreciate the vote of confidence about the curve (the easily accessible towel storage was the feature that first prompted our design).

I'm sorry about your expensive craftsmen--it probably stems from the cost of living so close to one of the greatest cities in the world, not to mention some of the wealthiest potential customers. So we won't feel too sorry for you ;)

This weekend promises gorgeous weather for planting. I hope the sun is in NY too.

Henry said...

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